At UBIK Solutions we truly believe in our values. That's why we want to make a good company as well as a good product, acknowledging that a good company—or any company in fact—is made by people.

Our interdisciplinary team is made out of individuals with the various profiles and backgrounds that share the the same goal: reaching a sustainable energy economy to stop the global warming and save the planet.

Andre Lindvest.jpg

Andre Lindvest | EE, MBA

16 years of experience in investment and financing.
8 years of specializing in SME management. Former project manager at Nelja Energia and at Eesti Energia, the leading energy providers in Estonia.


Vadim Laine | MSc
Product Manager


12 years of bringing tailor-made production automation and innovative electronics to life. Loves programming. Sees iterative design and motivated teamwork as the keys to success in any endeavor.


Joosep Niinemägi | BSc

Hardware Engineer

Experienced PCB designer focused on Embedded systems. Worked in optimization and automation of hardware testing commercially and working as a team lead on several university automation projects.

Dmitri Vinnikov.jpg

Dmitri Vinnikov | ScD

Head of the Power Electronics Group of Taltech. Published over 250 scientific papers on power converter design and development. Holds numerous patents and utility models in the power conversion and electronics field.

Sergio Pires Pimentel | PhD
Hardware Engineer

University Professor in Brazil and visiting researcher in TalTech. Renewable Energy, Power Electronics, and Control Systems. Author of more than 40 scientific papers and co-advised 6 MSc Thesis in Power Electronics.


Oleksandr Korkh | PhD
Electronics Engineer

Ph. D. in power electronics in Design and simulation of control systems of converters for renewable power generation and storage systems. Co-author of more than 15 scientific papers.

Dr Roman Kosenko | PhD

Dual doctorate in distributed power generation systems. Worked extensively on R&D of switch mode converters. He has authored more than 20 scientific papers and is the holder of 3 utility models in the field of power electronics.

Tarmo Kuuse.jpg

Tarmo Kuuse | MSc
IoT Engineer 

Software for embedded devices and communication since 2004. Created solutions for solar, automotive and LED luminaire industries, using technologies such as real time peer-to-peer communication and wireless mesh networks.


Tanel Jalakas | PhD
Hardware Engineer 

Senior researcher in the department of Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics in TalTech. Co-authored more than 60 scientific papers on power electronics, holds several patents and utility models.



 The major shareholder of Ubik Solutions is Sunly Innovation OÜ.

Sunly is a continuously developing, Estonian based, private fund.
Focusing on technologies, products and services related to renewable energy.

The minor shareholder is Dutch business accelerator High Tech XL locates in

High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


UBIK Solutions is reinforced internally and supported externally with several Ph.D. students, post doctors and researchers from different universities around the globe.


The team has many years of industrial experience and strong co-operative relationship with major European universities and research centerssuch as TalTech (Tallinn University of Technology), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, University of Extremadura, European Center for Power Electronics and Technical Research Centre of Finland.