The project ``Flexible Power Electronic Interface for DC Grid Integration of Residential Photovoltaic and Battery Energy Storage Systems (FPEI)``

The project ``Flexible Power Electronic Interface for DC Grid Integration of Residential Photovoltaic and Battery Energy Storage Systems (FPEI)`` has been supported via applied research program in smart specialization growth areas by Archimedes Foundation.


Project is carried out from June 2020 to December 2021 and the aim of the project is to reach FPEI concept to offer the most affordable approach for mass integration of PV and energy storage systems to the DC coupled Power Distribution System (DC-PDS) of residential and small commercial buildings.

The proposed FPEI concept will have the following features:

  1. Two-in-one power conversion approach – FPEI could be paired with all existing types of 60- and 72-cell PV modules and energy storages with peak power of 400W and support either uni- or bi-directional power flow without any hardware modifications. This will help to reduce the production costs, installation time, staff training expenses, and shipping costs.

  2. Dual output functionality – the FPEI will be compatible with 350 V and 700 V DC coupled PDS.

  3. Plug & play and hot swapping functionality - FPEI will make the use of residential PV or storage system similar to a home appliance – quick, easy and safe installation even by the person with no prior installation experience.



We highly expect that developed FPEI solution will reach combining revolutionary performance with affordability, superior installation flexibility, scalability and long-term reliability.


The project ``Energy Neutral Workplace (ENW)`` has been supported by EAS Innovation voucher in the amount of 6000 euro. Project was implemented during 20.01.2021...30.06.2021. The aim of the project was to design and assemble an experimental Energy Neutral Workplace, attain measurements regarding the effectiveness of the technologies, and provide proposals for the industrialization of custom technologies not available off-the-shelf in a suitable form.

Interim results show that it is possible to supply 2 office workplaces with solar energy by 85% without need for a permanent PV installation reducing operational costs and carbon emissions

More news to come as results are under final evaluation before launch

Thanks to EAS for making this possible!

​The project carried out in co-operation with Conversion Electronics Estonia considers:

  1. Design and assemble an experimental proof-of-concept Energy Neutral Workplace using standard off-the-shelf devices provided by the customer according to best industry knowledge for the acquisition of measurable results in regard to the effectiveness of the chosen technologies.

  2.  Project integrate together PV, energy storage, laptop, additional screen, mobile phone charging, LED lighting via USB-C socket. 

  3. Maximize the self-consumption and renewable energy usage within DC Workplace.

  4. Reach plug&play solution can be handled by regular person without major technical knowledges required.

  5. Industrialization of a marketable ENW highlighting any need for development of custom technological blocks for its construction not available off-the-shelf in a suitable form.

  6. Continue tests and optimize the BOM and system cost in further development and testings with a target to reach commercialized product