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Ubik´s direct path to zero emissions

Today we celebrate International Zero Emissions Day! Ubik Solutions is proud to contribute to Sustainability and Innovation by advancing DC grid technology.

We know the world needs the green transition to a renewables-based sustainable grid as a priority to fight against climate changes. It is not a surprise that European Commission adopted a package of proposals which aims at reducing net greenhouse gas emission by at least 55% by 2030. However, the problem cannot be solved only by simply installing many renewable generators on the rooftops, it is a question how (efficiently) you use this already harvested energy. Here is relevant to use a slogan – Quality over Quantity. If we want to achieve this ambitious goal and proudly celebrate “0 emissions day” every day we need to think more globally and not just about the improvement of the distinct elements, but about improving and revolutionizing the whole power system.

The environmental issues related to conventional energy generators, depletion of energy sources and increase of energy demand coupled with ageing of current transmission and distribution infrastructure put a lot of pressure on current power grid. The innovative sustainable energy solution is essential to integrate the renewables into the power grid in a safe and efficient way. And this is where DC (Direct Current) power grid comes.

How does Ubik Solutions contribute for “Fit for 55” and advancement of DC grids?

Ubik Solutions wants to help to overcome all the major barriers that may be encountered on the way of implementation of package “Fit for 55”, namely through a large-scale adoption of DC power grid technologies. It is important to keep in mind that despite many numerous advantages of DC grids that were addressed last week, we still have 2 big challenges that must be considered when massively switching from AC to the DC power grids:

1. Lack of awareness, matured technology and market ready power electronic systems that would allow easy and efficient connection of various devices, including solar panels and battery energy storage devices, to DC grids;

2. Voltage standardization, protection, safety and power quality. Most of available protection and grid standards for solar PV inverters are focused on connecting PV systems directly to the AC grids. Present power grids, transformers, cables and even protection systems are designed specifically for AC applications.

The first challenge is already addressed by Ubik Solutions. We are the pioneers in smart DC power electronics which allow consumers safe direct access to renewable energy without the wasteful back and forth conversions. Our first offering to the market is the DC OptiVerter. This is a smart microconverter, that enables plug-and-play linking of ordinary PV panels and fuel cells with the safe and secure 350 or 700 VDC grids. It is a powerhouse of the residential DC microgrid – being the first market leaders supported DC grid protocol - Current/OS - compatible PV microconverter on the market. In addition our patented solution enables true shade-tolerant performance and innovative diagnostics through on-board connectivity enabling control of on-site energy production, distribution, and use.

To develop and promote the DC grids further, Ubik has set up a first DC test and demo house in the Baltic states located in Port of Power, Tallinn. Our demo house shows the unique possibilities of the residential DC grid incorporating the on-site electricity production, storage, conversion and utilization by lighting system, communication equipment, tools and appliances. We strongly believe that the residential DC grids will significantly improve the resilience, demand-side flexibility, and facilitate energy arbitrage of the residential buildings thus making them future-proof and compatible with energy transition and carbon neutrality targets.

DC demo house front view

During the next weeks we are going to share with you more details about this forward-looking demo project.

The “Fit for 55” climate package is undertaking many goals and suggestions. We are more than sure that the expansion of DC grids is an inevitable part of it. By helping to build the DC grids, we also help to achieve the goals of “Fit for 55” and make our future brighter already today!

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