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We are excited to announce that in September we launched a brand-new “Ultra 7” series of the solar microconverters for the integration of PV modules to the residential and small commercial DC microgrids.

Ubik' s CEO - Andre Lindvest demonstrating "ultra 7" microconverter

The new series is characterized by the compact design, improved heat management and enhanced power conversion efficiency. Compared to Ubik S400 OptiVerter’s standard model the footprint of the novel “Ultra 7” series was decreased by more than 50%! The new microconverter employs Ubik’s patented OptiVerter technology, which ensures the maximum possible energy yield from the PV module even in the conditions of severe shading caused by the fallen tree leaves or bird droppings. It can be paired with the majority of the commercial 60- and 72-cell silicone PV modules without threat of power clipping.

The novel microconverter was developed in accordance to the emerging DC microgrid standard NPR9090, and, depending on the model, can be plugged either in the 350 VDC or in 700 VDC microgrids. Also, it is the first solar microconverter on the market compatible with market leaders, Schneider Electric and Eaton, chosen Current OS DC microgrid protocol. Ubik “Ultra 7” series supports the droop control functionality and features the integrated solid state protection circuitry for ensuring the highest level of fire and electric shock safety.

The “Ultra 7” series integrates 2.4 GHz WiFi and BLE for effortless cloud monitoring and on-site commissioning - it is ready for mesh networking using either technology. Recently the novel “Ultra 7” series is undergoing the comprehensive test program in the Ubik’s DC microgrid test facility located in Tallinn at the Port of Power.

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