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Today UBIK celebrates 10-year Anniversary

It’s unbelievable how time flies! Our story started exactly 10 years ago on 1st of December 2011. Today we celebrate our first anniversary. These past years were filled with a mix of diverse emotions, with happiness and sadness, with fear and excitement, with falls and rises. Thanks to our commitment, belief and, of course, our amazing team we continue to make our world brighter and greener every day.

We dare to say, that during this decade-long journey we made a great job. In early years of our activity, namely during 2012 – 2015, UBIK was involved in different developments, including fuel cell converter, PV string inverter and small wind turbine converter to find suitable applications for our technology. And just in 2015 we decided to move to promising residential module-level applications for PV panels.

By 2018, when the product was almost market-ready, we understood that Alternating Current (AC) market is oversaturated and it is not easy to compete with a price and warranty requirements, despite product showed premium level results on the market.

Year 2018 can be considered as a tipping point when UBIK participated at High Tech XL business accelerator in the Netherlands and met with DC systems frontrunners and already in 2019 we firstly introduced our DC OptiVerter concept based on our patented technology.

UBIK's roadmap 2011-now

So, as you may have noticed, it was a long and winding road to become “today’s” UBIK. We do believe that our technology will enable the development of DC microgrids, making full Energy Transition happen.

We got to know many amazing people with who we exchanged a baggage of knowledge and skills. We would like to thank all our clients, partners and supporters that have shown us such loyalty.

Big thanks to our team members! Without all of you UBIK would never be the same.

Especial thanks for Sunly for supporting us during these years.

Well, some of you probably will ask why do we call us “UBIK”? So, here is the answer. A noun “ubiquity” derives from the Latin word “ubique”, which means “presence everywhere or in many places simultaneously”. So, at UBIK we address one global challenge – mitigating climate change using Direct Current from all possible, overwhelming perspectives: generation, consumption, storage and mobility. So, we are present simultaneously everywhere!

During the passed 10 years we learnt a lot. With all this knowledge, experience and fruitful collaborations we are moving to the next level, which will lead us one step closer to the full Energy Transition.

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