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Power Electronics Leaders come together to trigger Energy Transition

Did you know that UBIK is the first non-founding member of Current/OS foundation since summer 2021? This is a nonprofit, open, independent organization incorporated in April 2021 in the Netherlands that actively promotes Direct Current (DC) Microgrids based on the Current OS protocol.

With increasing interest about the efficiency and sustainability of DC microgrids, there emerged a need to develop protocols that allow to design scalable DC grid architectures. That is why, the founding fathers Eaton and Schneider Electric (with DC Systems) decided to develop the procedures to define all system aspects for loads and sources such as voltage levels, protection, grounding, corrosion mitigation etc. By the way, DC Systems, as an original founder of Current/OS concept, was acquired by Schneider in the end of 2020. Thus, now this foundation has the main necessary players that all together are going to boost the development of DC microgrid concept.

It provides to its partners an open protocol and clear guidelines on how to manufacture products that work in a Current/OS based DC environment. The protocol is based on three pillars:

· Electrical safety

· Congestion management

· Grid stability

We do believe that all together we can accelerate the Energy Transition process of switching from old, less efficient AC grids to more sustainable solutions. The implementation and further development of this protocol will definitely positively impact the future of the DC grids and, subsequently, contribute to the carbon neutrality goals achievement.

By the way, on 30th of September Current/OS launched a new website where you can find more information about the protocol, useful documents and contacts. So don’t hesitate to visit it and get more insight into its importance.

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