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How Ubik fights against energy waste

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Did you know that solar panels produce the same Direct Current that most of our home electrical appliances consume? The Estonian magazine Director/ Inseneeria reported (unfortunately only in Estonian) how Ubik Solutions has created a direct DC connection to save energy, environment and money by leaving the AC out. You can access more information here.

Ubik Solutions uses its innovative inverter to produce energy from solar panels even at lower voltages, meaning in worse weather conditions, at the same time allowing to extract from the PV panel more energy than when using a conventional inverter. "Conventional inverters work at the ranges between 20 and 40 volts, which means that its performance decreases significantly even with a small degree of shading. In order for the system to operate at lower voltages, a special device (called optimizer) needs to be added. However, we managed to take a step forward and effectively integrated the two systems into one device“ explains Andre Lindvest, the company's CEO.

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