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Another UBIK’s team member got a PhD degree!

We are extremely happy to announce that one more UBIK team member got PhD degree, elevating the number of PhD's in a team up to 4. Recently Oleksandr Korkh defended his PhD thesis in the Power Electronics Group of Tallinn University of Technology under supervision of our R&D lead - Professor Dmitri Vinnikov.

Oleksandr earned his BSc and MSc degrees in Chernihiv National University of Technology (Ukraine) in 2015 and 2017, respectively. In September 2017 he started his PhD studies in TalTech at the Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics. Throughout his studies he was actively involved in the R&D activities related to PV OptiVerter development in close cooperation with Ubik Solutions.

His PhD research activities were mostly focused on the synthesis, experimental validation and elaboration of the design guidelines for the galvanically isolated DC-AC converters for the integration of battery storages to AC grids. His PhD thesis „Isolated Matrix Converters“ was devoted to an emerging class of the isolated DC-AC converters where the power is converted without using the intermediate DC-link.

The main research findings were published in more than 25 research papers including 4 high-rank journal publications. The results were presented in 10 different conferences and online meetings, and attracted a lot of attention of the researchers all over the world. In addition to his main research topic, Oleksandr was actively involved in other R&D activities of Power Electronics Research Group of TalTech including the development of novel converter topologies and control for the renewable energy applications.

Currently Oleksandr works at UBIK on innovative project “Modular Battery Energy Storages for Residential DC Microgrids” co-financed by Inter-sectoral mobility grant – financial support provided for employment of researchers with a doctoral degree at Estonian private and public sector entities. With this project we aim to develop a modular battery energy storage system concept for the residential and small-commercial DC microgrids. The developed concept will be characterized by the high versatility and ease of use and is aimed to improve the affordability of the residential battery energy storage systems.

Our interdisciplinary team is made out of 11 individuals with the various profiles and backgrounds that share the same goal - reaching a sustainable energy economy to stop the global warming and save the planet!

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