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UBIK Solutions, winner of the PowerUP! 2017 Estonian Finals.

On the night of October 31st, the SEB Innovation Centre of Tallinn was home to the PowerUP! 2017 Competition Estonian Finals, where the six top energy start-ups of the country pitched their innovations in order to get a ticket for the Grand Finals of Budapest.

The PowerUP! Competition is the biggest regional competition for energy start-ups in central and eastern Europe (CEE), launched by continent’s largest sustainable energy accelerator, InnoEnergy. With this competition, Innoenergy is offering the opportunity to take part in its flagship Highway programme, which offers support worth €150k to the most promising sustainable energy start-ups, along with three cash prizes of up to €20k.

October 31st event was the culmination of the Estonian round of the competition, that included Business and Pitching training delivered by Petri Kajander and Gleb Maltsev, respectively.

"It was a very well organized event. I mean not only Estonia's final event itself, but also preparatory training and team support, all of which helped to reach the peak and made the performance appealing to the final event", said Andre Lindvest, CEO of UBIK Solutions.

Conducted by the Australian comedian Louis Zezeran, the event included an inspirational presentation given by Jesper Parve, a blogger, writer and world traveler, who spoke of his own example of how important it is to have something to do or to dream of acting on it following his life-motto "if you want something, go get it".

But the core of the gathering was to allow the the six companies that made it to the National Finals to present their innovations in the hope of represent Estonia in the Grand Finals of Budapest:

  • Aude Opus, hydrogen based batteries for long-term energy storing

  • Fasteco Energy, household autonomous energy production

  • FuseBox, on-demand reduction of energy consumption for grid operators

  • Sphebotics, spherical solar trackers

  • Tark Energia, responsible cloud computing solutions

  • UBIK Solutions, innovative & smart solutions for sustainable energy industry

Following the alphabetical order determined by the organisation, our CEO, Andre Lindvest, was the last one to take the stage and present the advantages of the OPTIVERTER® Technology to the attendees with a presentation that enhanced the need of a sustainable energy economy by making solar harvesting more affordable and efficient.

During a break that allowed attendants to networking (and approach us to get ore information about the S350 OPTIVERTER®), the jury discussed about their final decision. It was composed by the following experts:

Finally, FuseBox (on-demand reduction of energy consumption for grid operators) won the Prototron Award given by Jana Pavlenkova, while Tomasz Jastrzębski awarded UBIK Solutions as the winner of the Estonian Finals.

Aside from Andre Lindvest, also Roman Kosenko, one of our Control Software Engineers, and Gerardo García Díaz, our New Product Implementation Manager, supported our CEO with their presence during the event.

"It was a good opportunity to test ourselves, develop our performance and business model, and receive valuable feedback, which has now been successfully used to prepare for the Budapest event. It can be said that today's result is a good example of perseverance and planned work towards goals. This is a great acknowledgment to our entire team and to the investors who have been working on it for years", told Andre to Innovatiiv.ee.

With this award, UBIK Solutions will represent Estonia on November 22nd at the PowerUp! Grand Final in Budapest, where we will face competition against the other 11 regional winners. The winners of the Finals can get a cash prize of up to 20k€ and access to the influential InnoEnergy Highway Accelerator (with an investment of up to 150k€), which will bring real ideas and projects to the market and develop into successful companies.

Next stop: RaM Colosseum, Budapest, Hungary.

Pictures of the event are available in the Facebook page of Tehnopol.

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