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New test-site up for the Interreg GreenPE Project at the University of Tartu

Last week, UBIK Solutions's team members successfully accomplished the installation of the first 18 UBIK S350 OPTIVERTER® devices that are part of the Interreg GreenPE Project in Tartu, Estonia.

The project sets up a cross-sector consortium consisting of 6 research institutions with expertise in Advanced PE, 18 companies from the energy supply chain (4 project partners, 14 associated partners) as well as 7 partners from business development associations, technology transfer institutions and cluster organisations. The consortium establishes an effective collaboration in the Baltic Sea region which accelerates the market uptake of energy efficient Advanced PE.

In that context, UBIK Solutions has partnered with the University of Tartu in order to test the new S350 in the the roof of the Faculty of Science and Technology (Physicum). Up to 24 UBIK devices will share space with three string inverters with the intention of monitoring the production results of both technologies, showing the advantages of solar energy and research institutions-company cooperation.

UBIK Solutions will also attend the upcoming Interreg Joint Project Meeting taking place on 21st and 22nd of September in Tartu.

About the project:

The GreenPE will enhance the capacity of Baltic Sea Region companies to take up advanced power electronics into their R&D strategies and investment planning. Advanced power electronics is based on new materials and is a disruptive technology enabling the energy supply chain to increase energy efficiency.

Green Power Electronics provides a collaboration platform in the Baltic Sea Region for research institutions, established companies, and start-ups. It initiates training workshops, on-company demonstrations, as well as consulting and marketing events.

For more information visit: http://balticgreenpower.eu/

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