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Member of board honoured as Scientist of the Year

Member of our board, Dr. Dmitri Vinnikov was honored as the Scientist of the Year 2016 of Tallinn University of Technology. In addition, tight cooperation with UBIK lead to achieving victorious 2nd place in the "Applied Research Project of the Year 2016” competition by the Power Electronics Group members lead by Dr Vinnikov.

Focus was on the development of our OPTIVERTER® Technology—the revolutionary power conversion technology for residential and small-to-medium commercial photovoltaic installations.

OPTIVERTER® is a pioneering hybrid technology that merges the key features of recently popular photovoltaic (PV) power optimizers and PV microinverters, such as shade-tolerant maximum power point tracking (MPPT), galvanic isolation, direct and safe AC grid connectivity, monitoring of energy production and state of health of a PV module, safety cut-off as well as low cost of installation, and flexible scaling up of a PV power system.

Congratulations for those honourable achievements also from UBIK! It’s another proof that great cooperation brings fruitful results!

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