One of the biggest challenges for the small-to-medium PV owner in residential areas is shading, something that adds up to the limited efficiency that current PV panels have per se. Even minimal shade (10%) can cause more than 50% decline in the final energy output of the installation.

Trying to solve it, UBIK Solutions created a new, innovative and patented energy conversion solution for module level power electronics (MLPE) solar industry, OptiVerter® Technology with shade-tolerant MPPT (maximum power point tracking), capable of harvesting up to 30% more energy (see report) than competitive solutions in partially shaded conditions.

> As power optimizer, it has better shade tolerance and energy harvest;

> As microinverter, it allows higher safety and functionality.

The same advantages are also available for DC microgrids with integrated safety wire in 350 and 700VDC.

The OptiVerter® Technology combines the key advantages of the popular PV optimizers (like SolarEdge or Tigo Energy's) and PV microinverters (like Enphase or AP Systems').


This allows direct AC connectivity of the PV module, highest possible energy harvest efficiency, inherent safety and system reliability supported by the competitive price:

In order to visualize the advantages, let us present an example: 60-cell panels consist of three substrings and, when opaque shades (debris, leaf, snow, bird dropping, etc) cover them, the MPPT voltage drops up to one third, as shown in the following picture:

OptiVerter® Technology's capability to perform MPPT down to very low voltages results in maximum energy harvesting—while the voltage levels with opaque shading are out of a microinverter range (22...40 VDC), an optiverter under the same circumstances would still work due to its power optimizer-like capabilities:

One substring shaded

Two substrings shaded

The power converter topology has been proven via prototypes and multitude field tests and the control algorithm is patented in Estonia and USA. European patent is pending.  

The word "OptiVerter" is registered as a trademark in the European Union, India, Australia and the US.

More information about the topology and its multimode control principle can be found here. The downloads page contains Scientific Papers that would allow you to further discover the OptiVerter® Technology.