UBIK Solutions participates in the Interreg Baltic Green Power Electronics (Green PE) project as a project partner.


The project Green PE will enhance the capacity of Baltic Sea Region companies to take up advanced power electronics into their R&D strategies and investment planning. Advanced power electronics is based on new materials and is a disruptive technology enabling the energy supply chain to increase energy efficiency.


Green Power Electronics provides a collaboration platform in the Baltic Sea Region for research institutions, established companies, and innovative start-ups. It initiates training workshops, on-company demonstrations, as well as consulting and matchmaking events.

Green Power Electronics accelerates the market uptake of advanced PE for companies in the Baltic Sea Region.

Project facts:

  • 17 research institutions, companies and technology transfer partners

  • 36 months (2016 – 2019)

  • EUR 3.1 million budget

  • European Regional Development Fund

  • Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme

  • Led by University of Southern Denmark

More information: