Up to 30% higher energy harvest thanks to the OptiVerter® Technology




Solar is strong but there is a problem

80% of households in Europe would find it cheaper to produce their own electricity than to purchase it from an electricity company.

However, Europe is falling well behind in the race to install enough solar power.


The the annual PV status report of the European Commission’s Science Hub says the installation rate of panels has to increase “drastically” − more than five times by 2025, and double that again if Europe is to convert to electric cars and fuels like hydrogen.

Distributed Energy via Direct Current

The fossil AC grid is slowing us down

Most transmission in the world today is done via Alternating Current (AC) – a 19th century technology. 

AC was good when:

  • all electricity generators were rotating turbines

  • industrial power consumers were rotating motors


Solar Panels, however, generate Direct Current (DC).

Most of final energy consumption is also in Direct Current.

Including all electronics, PWM motors and batteries.

This DC Native consumption share is set to grow sharply as by 2030 we will have 0,8 TW of Electric Vehicle chargers installed in the EU, with the total electric grid capacity reaching just 1,4 TW.


Direct Current will drive us forward

We must throw off the AC training wheels from modern technology and link Direct Current Power Sources and Direct Current consumers with Direct Current.

Distributed DC native technologies have the power to

  1. improve solar energy efficiency by up to 30% and

  2. reduce power electronics costs of solar and storage by up to 50%

Ubik has the technology to take the next leap.

Find out more in our recent whitepaper:


Ubik is proud to be the first non-founding member of the
Current/OS Foundation


Current/OS is an independent foundation created by Eaton and Schneider in 2021 to break the way to market for clean Direct Current


Our devices are deployed in the next generation of
household and public space projects across Europe



Empowering DC microgrids



for PV and Strorage


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Our goal is to reach a sustainable energy economy by improving distributed renewable systems. 

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