One of the biggest challenges for the small-to-medium PV owner in residential areas is shading, something that adds up to the limited efficiency that current PV panels have per se.


Even minimal shade (10%) can cause more than 50% decline in the final energy output of the installation.

UBIK Solutions is a young and agile technology company dedicated to innovative & smart solutions for sustainable energy industry. Founded in 2011, our headquarters are located in Tallinn, Estonia.


Our goal is to reach a sustainable energy economy to stop the global warming and save the planet. To reach there, we want to empower people on the usage of renewable energy by offering smart, simple and affordable technologies.


By combining the key features of power optimizers (SolarEdge, Tigo Energy, etc) and microinverters (Enphase, AP Systems, etc) in a plug&play, all-in-one device with built-in communications and wiring, the shade-tolerant MPPT (maximum power point tracking) capabilities of the OptiVerter® Technology allow  harvesting up to 30% more energy (see report) than competitive solutions in partially shaded conditions.

The flexibility of the technology allows the benefits to be applicable both to AC 230V grids and 350VDC microgrids.

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